We welcome community support in all forms.  Please email us at

“ContactUs @ theAGproject dot org”

to discuss how we might partner together.  Thank you for your interest!


A HUGE Thank You to: 

  • Dr. Bret Champion, Leander ISD Superintendent, for allowing us to partner with his district schools and his resounding endorsement: “I’m excited to see the work of the AG Project in schools in Leander ISD.  One of our areas of focus in LISD is to ensure we are educating the whole student, academically, socially, and emotionally.   We can only accomplish this with the assistance of terrific people and organizations like the AG Project.”  

  • The Law Offices of John E. Tarbox, Attorneys and Counselors at Law for their help in setting up The AG Project as a Texas non-profit corporation and guidance through the federal 501(c)3 process.  We are so grateful for Mr. Tarbox’s support of this project!
  • An anonymous donor of our first $500.  We really appreciate your phenomenal interest in and support of  The AG Project!
  • Rachel Wilkins, Rosemary Bailey, and Joy Padilla for their help in developing an AG Project logo.  Our final version of The AG Project logo is courtesy of Joy Padilla at Joyz of Design.  Thank you!
  • Amanda Harp, Blondie, and Monica Johnston at Salon Republic for partnering with us for our first fundraiser:  Back-to-School Haircut Fundraiser 2012.
  • Sandy Kelly-Khan, the Director of Special Education for Leander ISD.  She has a  background as a teacher and a school psychologist and feels strongly that many students can benefit from these gardens.  We are grateful that she thinks our project is MARVELOUS and can be counted amongst our supporters.
  • Refurbished Dell Laptop provided by Discount Electronics.  Thank you so much for getting us up and running on a laptop.  It will help tremendously with our record keeping and accounting!
  • Lowe’s for their generous donation of 80 cinder blocks.  These blocks will be transformed with mosaic added by members of the Parkside community and placed into the garden at Parkside Elementary.  Thank you for providing us the base for their garden!