Beginning April 13, 2013, we will be offering seed packets at various events as a thank you for donations.  If you have received some AG Project seeds following a donation, THANK YOU for supporting us in our mission of bringing sensory gardening to schools to enrich special children.  Specific seed planting directions are as follows.

 **Planting directions coming soon!**

Butterfly Wildflower Mix 

Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix

One of the draws of wildflowers is their easy care and maintenance.  Scatter the seeds directly on the soil and compress but do not cover them.  Water until the soil is moist.  Continue watering until the seedlings are 4-6 inches.  After that, they should grow well on their own.  If your area is experiencing a particularly dry spell, you may occasionally water them.  Enjoy!

Heirloom Red Cherry Tomatoes

Heirloom Red Cherry Tomatoes

Here are some great directions for growing cherry tomatoes:  Tomatoes usually do great in the warm Texas summers, and these should be good producers.  Enjoy!

Days to Germination: 8 to 18
Days To Maturity:  75
Planting Depth: 1/4 – 1/2″
Spacing, Row: 3 to 4 foot
Spacing, Plant: 24 inches
Light:  Full Sun

SOW: For earliest harvest, START seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost, keeping soil temperatures in the mid-70’s.  Grow in full sun.  Shift hardened transplants to garden shortly after last frost.

SEED can be sown in directly into garden when soil is warm.  Tomatoes can not tolerate frost.

CARE Water regularly.  Stake or cage to save space.

HARVEST Pick carefully when richly colored and firm, but before fruit begins to soften.

Suggestions:  To keep fruit clean and easier to pick, support plants with stakes or cages.  Tomatoes require at least an inch of water per week.

Heirloom California Wonder Sweet Peppers

California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds

The California Wonder Peppers do well in well-drained soil and full sun.  They will be perfect for your Texas garden!  The seeds take 6-12 days to germinate, and peppers will be ready to harvest in 2-3 months.

Days to Germination: 10-21
Days To Maturity:  75
Days To Germination: 10-21
Planting Depth:  1/4 inch
Spacing, Row:  24-30  inches
Spacing, Plant:   15-20 inches
Light:  Sunny Location

SOWING: Sow indoors about 4-6 weeks before last frost date in your area and transplant after danger of frost.  May also be seeded directly in the garden after all danger of frost is past and the soil is warm.

THIN seedlings when they are 3 inches in height, with the final spacing of the plants 15-20 inches apart.

SUGGESTIONS:  Fruits can be picked green or allowed to ripen to the sweeter red stage.  For extra sweetness, allow some peppers to ripen bright red.  Harvest when peppers feel hollow yet firm.

Heirloom Dwarf Jewel Nasturtiums (EDIBLE flowers!!!)

Heirloom Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium

The Dwarf Jewel Nasturtiums will stay under a foot tall and produce lovely orange, red, and yellow blooms that are EDIBLE!  If you’re not up for eating them, they are beautiful accents on your plate and are equally beautiful to look at in your garden.  Enjoy!

Zones: 3-9
When to Sow: Spring – after danger of frost.
Planting Depth: 3-4″ inch (For early bloom transplant in early spring)
Plant Height: 10″ inches
Blooming Period: Midsummer to frost
Spacing: plant 3-6″ inches apart, thin to 12-18″ inches
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Germination: 8-12 days
Days to Maturity: 60
Comments: Before planting in containers make sure they are well rooted in their pots.