We like to follow our past projects to see how each learning community and group of children has benefitted from starting an AG Project garden.  This is a place to celebrate their successes and learn from their challenges.  Please check back following our first implementation of school gardens in the fall of 2012!

Bagdad Elementary

Bagdad Elementary started their gardening in the fall of 2012 by growing pumpkins!  The AG Project was delighted to see the photos of the garden and the students enjoying their experience.  Thank you to Cathy White and Vicky Draper for allowing us to work with your gardeners.  Carol Tedford is the class project lead teacher has been gardening  with her great  team and their students in the courtyard area.  Her husband built an awesome raised bed from PVC pipe for their non-ambulatory students.  What a wonderful idea and way to include all of their learners in meaningful gardening learning.

We look forward to continuing working with Bagdad to continue  improving their sensory garden.  Thank you for working with us!

Bagdad Elementary   since fall 2012.  There have previously been gardens there, so The AG Project has been working with them to spruce up their zones and  tailor the gardens to fit  their students exact needs.  We have provided optional lesson plans including many fun growing and learning projects.


The second season, Spring 2013, at Bagdad Elementary went along nicely!  They discovered some of the challenges of gardening, for example, inclement weather that some of their plants didn’t survive.  But they also found some great joys, watching their herbs grow from seed and planting flowers in an ultra-raised, PVC garden bed for the less ambulatory students.  Lead teacher, Carol Tedford, and her husband designed and built the system, and we hope to share their idea with future AG Project garden schools.  They also have also connected within their school by having some 5th grade helpers who assist the class with the garden upkeep.  Keep up the awesome work!

Bagdad Spring 2013 ICAP Class with helpers Bagdad Spring 2013 ICAP Garden Sign


Bagdad Spring 2013 Insect on Flower Bagdad Spring 2013 Ultra Raised Beds with Class

Leander High School  The gardening facilities at LHS are fantastic!  The large spaces there have been in use for years.  Larry McDowell is excited for his students to work with us and has so many great gardening ideas.  It is exciting that he has teamed up with The AG Project.  Thank you to Mr. Brad Mansfield, the LHS principal, for allowing us to work with your students!