The AG Project Begins a Blog!

The AG Project Begins a Blog!

There are currently five of us, a mixture of teachers and parents, on a wonderful journey as we join together in becoming The AG Project, Inc.  We are in the process of gaining our designation as a non-profit organization.  We absolutely thrilled to have our first three schools interested in receiving gardens from us for some of their special education students.  Soon we will begin fundraising so that we can help the schools have their gardens ready for planting this fall.  Hang on; this is going to be an exciting ride!

A big step for us today is the launch of our first web site at  We can’t wait to share our ideas with you as we continue on this mission to enable schools to provide a rich sensory environment through gardening for their students.

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  1. Hello, I am interested in learning more about your organization. My son attends Leander H.S. and his teacher , Larry McDowell, shared with me that my son and his classmates will be participating in this project at LHS in the Fall.

    I will send an email discussing further interest but just wanted to applaud your efforts and look forward to seeing your organsation grow!

    • Stacey, Thank you for your supportive comments. You are our FIRST friend to write in!! We are THRILLED to provide the garden needs for your son and hope that great things can happen. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT……please check out our site as it grows. We’re starting our first fundraiser now and have many ideas for the future.

      Feel free to contact me personally, if you would like.

      Patricia Robertson

  2. Bravo Ladies and Gent!! What a great project. I am very impressed…and can’t wait to follow your success on your Blog.

    🙂 Amy E

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